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Does Your Website ‘Wow’ Its Visitors?

Most companies today suffer from having websites that were designed to be viewed on desktop computers, and didn’t take into consideration how those sites might look on mobile devices. Right now this is a big issue, because mobile devices are now the most popular platform that people use when surfing on the Internet.

Think about it! When you need to look for information online, do you immediately go and fire up the computer to go and search, or will you pick up your mobile phone or Kindle to do the job? This is the same for most people! Mobile devices are not only easier to access because they’re with you at all times, but they’re also quicker to turn on, meaning you’re not wasting time waiting.

So, if you’re business has a website that is not mobile optimized, it means you’re not providing a great user experience for your visitors, and it is highly likely that you’ll lose the interest of some of those visitors who will simply click the Back button, and find another website to look for the products or services that they require.

As a small business, we also understand exactly how valuable a mobile optimized website will be for your business. But it isn’t enough to simply have a mobile optimized website. When a visitor lands on your website, it needs to stand out from all of those other sites that they’ve previously visited, and needs to show them, in less than a few seconds, that yours is a professional company that they NEED to do business with. The professionally designed websites that Diva Consultant offers do just that! We will make you stand out from the crowd, and we will help to provide that great first impression that you need to make.

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    16. Will this be an e-commerce website? Will you be selling any products or taking payments on Client website? If so, how are you accepting payments?

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