Video Marketing

video marketing should be a big part of your marketing plan for overall success

Your primary goal when building a website has to be on ensuring that any visitors who land on your web pages interact in some way with them. The last thing you want is for them to quickly glance at the content and then click the Back button to go back to Google, or to whatever website referred them over to yours. The longer you can keep someone on your site, the higher your chances are of being able to get them to respond to your call to action.

One of the best retainers you can invest in is video! Video transcends all ages and demographics, and limits the opportunity for your marketing message to be perceived incorrectly. You can across more in 1 minute of video, than you can say in a thousand words of text. People love to multi-task, and video gives them the opportunity to watch while they’re carrying out some other task. Written text doesn’t afford this, and they always need to focus on what they’re reading if they’re going to take in all of the information.

Our team at Diva Consultant specializes in turning your marketing ideas into high quality videos designed for mass appeal and visitor retention.

The point of a great video is to get the viewers to take action. The videos can be funny, weird or even annoying, but the thing is to make sure they’re memorable (hopefully for all things positive).

Think about the Dollar Shave Club videos – in just a few short years these wry videos have created serious inroads in the razor industry and forced established brands like Gillette and Schick to reconfigure their sales strategy.

There is no point, however, in creating amazing marketing videos if they’re are no eyes watching them. Our marketing team at [insert company name] has the knowledge to take these marketing videos and to get them in front of those prospective customers who are looking for products and services like yours. We have extensive experience in ranking videos on search engines, such as Google, so when trigger keywords are searched, your video will show up immediately.

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