Search Engines and What they Do

As the librarians of the World Wide Web, search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and many others are responsible to provide users with the best results to their search queries –these are commonly referred to as the most relevant search results.

In order to do this job –establishing the relevance of web pages and providing the best search results to users– these search engines have a very specific way of scanning over web pages to collect information on the page’s contents and see how these pages relate to other pages with similar content.

The information collected by these search engines is then run through a special algorithm –the secret recipe– which will decide how relevant the page is to anyone searching for content this page contains.

Of course the higher up on the list of search results your site is will greatly affect the amount of people who are directed to your site –as an answer to their search queries. So search results are very important to the success of a website in terms of online visibility.

The way to increase the rankings of a site is all about making sure your site has those important recipes the search engines are looking for when collecting Information on your site. Which brings us to the big question…

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is the way a webpage’s content is organized in accordance with the search engines algorithms –or the way certain specific ingredients are measured out in accordance with the search engines super secret recipes.

Of course, know one knows the all exact ingredients of the search engines recipes –and they are refined frequently–but we know some of the bigger ones, shall we take a look?

Word Content

The words in a site’s text content tell the search engine what kind of site it is –this way if they receive a request for “Sporting Goods Albuquerque” they give preference to sites that have these words in their their content and ignore those that have no relation.

Page Titles

The page’s title –the one that exists in the pages coding– is carefully considered by the search engines when deciding on what the page is all about. Much in the same way you would consider the titles of the movies at the theater to get an idea of the plot and storyline.


The links that are coming into a site tell the search engines that there is some important and relevant information on this site. A site that has many links could be considered an authority on the subject and is given a better ranking.

A sites reputation is important to search engines in this ingredient because the online world is awash with bogus sites and links that exist merely to trick the search engines.

Words Used in Links

The words used to link other sites to specific site also says a lot about what a search engine will find in this site –a site that is linked to other sites with words like loafers, sneakers, heels and boots is probably going to get good rankings in search results relating to shoes.

Site Reputation

It doesn’t cost anything to set up a site no one will ever visit and fill it with links to a website in an attempt to increase rankings; because of this the search engines give higher rankings to sites that are consistently being updated and attracting the attention of many people.

So what is Search Engine Optimization? It is the way a site prepares and organizes its content in accordance with those special recipes that search engines rely on to provide the best results to their users.

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